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Are you a ‘professional’ approval seeker?

Heaps of us are! We consult with our inner approval seeker regularly, usually on a daily or even hourly basis. Sometimes we are in this mode permanently, depending on who we are with. Everyone wants to be loved, and to live in harmony with others. This is natural, and not a problem unless it runs […]

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Can you forgive and forget?

Many cannot find it in their heart to forgive someone who has hurt them. However, experts agree that it is a good thing to forgive in most instances for your own benefit instead of carrying around a toxic grudge against the other person or persons for ever. How can we describe forgiveness? Forgiveness has been […]

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Live a life without regrets

Don’t get to the end of your life and find you have many regrets which because time or energy is running out, you cannot achieve. What does it mean to have regrets? It means that you are remorseful or sad that you didn’t do or say certain things in your life which you now wish […]

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