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COVID and other Anxieties

Are you coping with the present strange situation or just getting by? Actually just getting by is coping! That’s all you have to do, is just get by, nothing special, nothing fancy. People often think that they must not show their fears, vulnerabilities or stuff up when anxious, and to do so means that they […]

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How to keep work stress to a minimum

How to keep work stress to a minimum Most jobs/careers have hiccups along the way, and have their good and bad points.  Here are some tips to minimize stresses at work and build job satisfaction. Triggers for job satisfaction Triggers for job satisfaction usually are things like the actual wage or pay, the compensation you […]

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How to get a good night’s sleep

How you feel the next day often depends on whether you had a good sleep the night before. There are many reasons why people don’t sleep well, and many good reasons why they should get a good sleep. Let’s start with why we should get a good sleep Generally speaking we all need about 8 […]

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