Do you believe in affirmations?

A lot of people believe that all you have to do to have positive change in your life is to think of some perfect affirmations and you will be able to be successful in your work, or love life, or improve your spiritual situation.

But how can this be?

  • According to the theory of affirmations they work when you focus on what you can control and think positive thoughts.
  • Then you will feel motivated, energized and confident, and you will be able to do all the things that previously have been difficult for you. Affirmations will help transform your negative thoughts.
  • But then the next revelation is that they are not miraculous, and if you want to lose weight then for example you have to take action as far as eating the right foods and taking exercise otherwise the affirmations won’t work.
  • One of the problems also is that there are not many things we can readily control and trying to control things is very stressful.

There is a problem with affirmations though

  • If you don’t/can’t really believe what you are saying (the affirmation), then it is likely that it won’t work.
  • For example, if you are very overweight and you are saying to yourself “I am healthy and slim” but you don’t really believe that you are, and you actually believe that you will never lose weight, then that thought will probably undermine the affirmation.
  • And even though you know you should take action, you feel demoralised and reach for the cookie jar!

So what to do? – Three Things!

  • You can continue with the affirmations and hope that they will be stronger than your negative beliefs. (I have included some for you)
  • Read my article on positive thinking skills
  • Use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) plus the affirmations. This method will give you more of a guarantee that the affirmations will work, especially if you dissolve the negative beliefs with the EFT first. (See my article on Using EFT for weight loss)

Affirmations may help your mind accept the idea of change

  • See my article on the Process of Change.

Affirmations for your love life – try these

  • Love is all around me, wherever I go
  • I am never alone or lonely; everything I need is within
  • I give gratitude for the love that enters my life so easily
  • My partner has everything I need

Affirmations for life at work

  • I am calm and clear about my career and I know the steps to take.
  • My boss and I get on, and communicate well.
  • I work together cooperatively with my colleagues as a team and all of us benefit from this.
  • Every day I see career opportunities grow, and I welcome them into my life.

Affirmations for health and wellness

  • I feel young and alive in my mind and body and wake up every morning feeling refreshed and eager for the day.
  • I enjoy exercising and the feeling of being strong and fit that I get from it.
  • My body works better with really good quality food, and I feel better too.
  • I own my body and choose to nurture myself in a healthy way, now and always.


Focus on affirmations that help with changing negative thoughts, and use them to overcome any obstacles to your mental or physical health and wellbeing.

Repeat relevant affirmations first thing in the morning, and last thing t night, and you will see an early improvement.

If you get stuck, please refer to the other suggestions and work on these first, and then maybe the affirmations will work better for you.