Increase your vibrations to improve your success rate

If you want more out of life change the quality of your thinking!

There is a saying that we will be more in tune with the “Universe” (whatever that is) if we think positive thoughts, and change our “vibrations” to high then all those high vibrations will attract good things into your life. Those who believe this believe that negative thinking equals low vibrations, and positive thinking equals high vibrations.  Although none of this has been scientifically proven it seems to be a nice idea.

Get the good vibrations!

  • It is true that we have (electrical and hormonal) energy, and we have more or less energy at different times. Negative thoughts help release stress hormones which may lower our vibration. On the other hand, thinking positive and happy thoughts brings about the release of endorphins or “feel good” hormones, which raise energy and vibration.
  • So the way we think certainly affects the way we feel, and behave. A person who puts out affection, generosity and gratitude will certainly attract positive stuff back.  It’s likely that this person is an optimist, and on the whole thinks positive and optimistic thoughts.  Studies have proven that optimists do better at most things like schooling, work, love life, health and career.  They attract other people and good opportunities into their lives.
  • Pessimists, (who think a lot of negative thoughts) don’t do so well at school, in their love life, jobs or careers, and are not as healthy. They do not attract so many good things into their lives like the optimists do. They may also tend to have depression, or perhaps anxiety as well, so you could say that their vibrations may be low. (See my article on thinking skills)
  • Focusing on positive things can help you be more attractive, and you may find more good things happen to you as a result because of this focus, and this in turn makes you feel better, and grateful for the good things in life. Thinking negative thoughts and feeling fearful stops you from being adventurous and therefore you may miss out on opportunities in life.  Then you feel more negative because of this – a negative cycle.

How to get out of this rut

  • Maybe you need to change your friends. Have a look at the peoples you constantly associate with and notice if they are generally negative and bring you down.
  • However, if you want to associate with higher energy people then you need to change your thinking, attitudes, beliefs and behaviour to something more positive so that they will be attracted to you. In other words you have a lot of work to do!

How to be a positive thinker

  • Try and wean yourself away from the negative crowd. Find some really enjoyable and fun things to do.
  • Give up the drugs and alcohol as these will pull you down.
  • Eat good quality non- processed food, and drink plenty of good quality water – not soda pop.
  • Read my article on positive thinking skills and learn to challenge the negative thoughts you are thinking, most of them are not worth encouraging into your head, and will pull you down and keep you down.
  • Learn to meditate. You can find plenty of information on the internet on meditating, but there is plenty which will cost you nothing and probably be better than paying for expensive CDs.
  • Find a website on Mindfulness by Bhante Henepola Gunaratana and you will find a simple and effective way of meditating. The website which has a free downloadable description is:   Scroll right down to Gunaratana  Mindfulness in Plain English.

Learn everyday gratefulness

Many of us are very blessed in having a roof over our heads, food and sanitation.  We can easily forget to be grateful for the “small” things of life such as having a shower or eating a satisfying meal.

Keeping a gratitude diary can raise your vibrations by  demonstrating to you how much you can be grateful for – every day.  Make sure you don’t repeat the same things in your diary and make a daily entry with new things to be grateful for.

Practice looking for the good in life and in other people.