Why we need inspiration in our lives

Why we need inspiration in our lives

Inspiration cannot be measured or quantified. You cannot report to your boss that you had this much inspiration today and therefore have accomplished so much.

In today’s world, people often consider that which can be measured is more important or more valuable, but those who are inspired are more creative and get “in the flow” which makes it much easier for them to work and create. They enjoy their work and inspire others. Inspiration is what creates and all that is measured springs from this nebulous concept.

There are three parts to inspiration, according to psychologists Todd Thrash and Andrew Elliot.

1. Evocation. Inspiration is created spontaneously and without intent. The word inspiration means “divine breath.” Inspiration is not a part of our baser, more primal brains; it serves no purpose for basic survival

2. Transcendence. This part comes in moments of clarity and with the awareness of new possibilities. Inspiration is indeed the mark of higher consciousness in us. Inspiration comes from a place of beauty and clarity. Transcendence enables people to rise above the everyday stuff and inspire others.

3. Approach Motivation. It’s a fancy way of saying that the person with the inspiration seeks to communicate that vision. Either by talking about it, creating the vision in real life or letting others share in the vision. He or she is willing to try new things and expects to enjoy them.

People who are inspired have some common traits. For one thing, they are more open to new experiences. That almost always comes before the inspiration hits, indicating a certain willingness to be open to inspiration as a precedent to experiencing it.

It’s important to note that inspired people were neither more nor less conscientious than any others. Meaning that inspiration wasn’t something that they could command or “will” to happen.

The other thing inspired people have in common is a strong desire to master what they do. However, they are also not competitive. Remember that inspiration is transcendent, and competition is a survival instinct. That indicates that trying to beat out or one-up someone is not conducive to inspiration.

There are other critical factors in people who are often inspired.

1. A confidence in their abilities. Even though they may not be experts in everything, they are comfortable with their specialties.

2. Self-esteem. Inspired people have the confidence in themselves, indicating that they do not sabotage themselves.

3. Optimism. It’s difficult to be inspired if you’re stuck in a negative state. People with optimism are more open and more prone to inspiration.

Inspiration is not just a flash of vision; it’s a motivation that births creativity and motivation. People who get inspired are usually the ones more eager to jump into a project and bring others along with them.

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